The Place to Go for Modern Philippine Cuisine

About Starfish...

Starfish Filipino Eatery is created to bring the flavors of the Philippine Islands in a modern contemporary flavor profile. Using the freshest ingredients and produce we believe it is the most important part of any cuisine. Although not a typical Filipino eatery that serves all kinds of regional dishes, Starfish has classic dishes that are served in more traditional style as well.

The cuisine is a blend of Asian and Spanish influences. The Philippines was colonized by Spain for 300 years and the cuisine has evolved to include many of Spanish style dishes such as Paella, Tapas, Tortas, etc. Starfish Filipino Eatery is focusing on bringing those bold Spanish/Asian flavors to its menu.

Special dishes are those that are inspired by the owner's global travels. Spices, sauces, seasonings and culinary techniques help bring out the uniqueness of these dishes. You will always find something new on the menu as it is inspired by what the season brings to the markets.

For those who love Philippine food and those who are adventurous and want to try different bold flavors and some unique Asian/Spanish dishes, Starfish Filipino Eatery is the place for you!